Monday, February 19, 2007

Nobody propose marriage to me tonight...

...because I don't have a place for that ring :D

Was letting Rosal watch the Shape of Life episode that featured the flatworms this morning. Just as I pointing out to them that the image on the TV was a flatworm, the next scene floated in and featured a human. So I jokingly waved it off, telling the class that THAT wasn't the flatworm.

Masyado ata akong na-excite, tumama tuloy yung ring finger ko sa desk where the TV was placed. So the joint started to hurt and swell, to the point that my co-teacher Menggai thought it was prolly dislocated.

Had my mom (who's a nurse) take a look at it when I got home. She said it's just prolly a sprain. She put this splint just to make sure it's immobilized so the swelling won't get any worse.

H0pya, ang hirap tuloy magtype! (type...delete...type...delete)

- - - - -

Tama ba? Sa right ring finger ang engagement ring?

TRIVIA: I am indeed wearing a wedding ring. On my left ring finger is my lola's wedding ring. Amma gave it to me so I'd always remember her and Lolo. Lolo died when I was 8; I'm hoping Amma would still be with us when I get my own wedding ring.

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