Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why I hate Star Wars

I heard that. That shocked gasp. I saw that. Your eyes widened as you read the title. But before you prosecute me, read on ;)

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Stumbled upon an interesting thread over at

Movies you hated but everyone else loved

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Based on their answers, I guess I'm part of "everyone else", because I do like most of the titles mentioned there. But I do agree with the people who posted "Star Wars" :D

Not that I HATE Star Wars...I just don't get it. The first Star Wars movie I watched was Episode 1. And then I saw 2. And then 3.

I haven't watched 4 to 6 yet :P So, yeah, I'm in the correct chronological order based on the story.

I guess it's because I haven't watched the first 3 eps yet so I can't really appreciate the story. I wasn't there when this whole Star Wars thing started. Actually nabubuhay na ako noon, pero hindi ko napanood yung 4 to 6 noong bata pa ako - wala siyang sentimental value sa akin. Isama mo na ang Star Trek.

I guess it doesn't help that movies of this genre are mostly not my type. So sue me =D

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alekos said...

as a true blue star wars fan boy, I feel compelled to comment :p

still... even as a fan boy, I can still say that episodes 1-3 all kinda sucked. I liked the lightsabre fights and not much else.

Episodes 4-6 are so very different. I guess it was because they couldn't rely on special effects to do the entertaining so they had to resort to things like dialogue and acting. ^_^ Plus there's always that campy b-movie appeal that always forms a cult following...

alekos said...

ah.. movies I didn't like that many people seem to love pala...

hmm.. dreamgirls, titanic... that's all I can think of :)

- d a c s - said...

Haha, I think that's why I never could appreciate Star Wars, because I only know of it based on Episodes 1-3.

Tsaka interplanetary stuff isn't really my thing I guess :P

alekos said...

Haha... marami lang tlgang geek kaya cguro sikat ang Star Wars.

syempre putol putol comment ko... I was reading the thread sa peyups and it's weird kse a lot of the mentioned movies never struck me as movies that people "loved". Like A walk to remember, the notbook, high school musical, happy feet, fantastic 4... do people actually love those movies?

haha, sipag ko mag comment today :D

- d a c s - said...

> haha, sipag ko mag comment today :D

^Star Wars is the key :P