Friday, May 25, 2007

3 eps of AI and 19 eps of Heroes


This is how screwed my view of AI6 is: I've only watched 3 episodes: the one with Sanjaya's audition, Bon Jovi night, half of the Finale.

That's why: I thought Sanjaya was great and I like neither Jordin nor Blake.

Sanjaya's audition with his sister was cute and sad (when his sis didn't make it). Which is why I was rooting for him - kala ko magaling siya. Apparently, he didn't do well in Hollywood. Nung Finale ko nalang nakita yung mga outrageous hairstyles niya, at nung Finale ko na rin nakita na hindi naman pala siya magaling kumanta. He sang "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks, which, to me, is forever Marty Casey's (from Rockstar:INXS) song, so I totally didn't like Sanjaya singing it.

So since I didn't see anyone worth watching in the auditions, I decided not to follow this season through. Besides, I'm almost always not home yet when the show is on, tapos nalilimutan ko na yung mga later replays. Kumbaga, walang drive na sundan itong season na ito.

The only Hollywood ep I watched was Bon Jovi night because, well, it's Bon Jovi! :D But then, I failed to catch the results show for that, kung saan nagperform talaga yung banda. That night, Jordin and Blake were horrible. Jordin's "Livin' on a Prayer" was the wrong key for her so it didn't come out right, and Blake's beatboxing (which I wasn't aware was his thing) was cool but I hated how "You Give Love A Bad Name" came out (na ngayon ko lang nalaman through Wikipedia na kinanta rin pala niya sa Finals).

Watching the Finale tonight was an accident. Nadaanan ko lang while I was channel surfing. Si Tony Bennett na ang naabutan kong kumakanta =P Some comments about the Finale and Season 6:

Si Kat McPhee lang from last season's Top 4 ang di nakabalik this season.
Bette Midler wasn't singing well, was she...
Thank God no more choir sa final song ni Jordin.
It was nice to see Taylor Hicks onstage again!

- - - - -


Had a Heroes marathon - 19 episodes in two days.

Bakit 19 episodes lang? Eh yun lang yung meron sa DVD eh. So maghahanap pa ako ng kumpletong DVD bukas, hehehe. I didn't realize the DVD we had was incomplete until I checked my co-teacher's blog and Apparently, there's a character I haven't even met!

I like this show. I especially like the narration at the beginning and the end (if there is one), all that talk about evolution. Can somebody point me to some transcripts of the show? I'd like to use that stuff in class, if I could.

I don't really latch on to TV series like this. I hate missing episodes, so if I can't stay faithful to the show, I won't even start it at all. However, Heroes got me (thanks for the tip, Drew!!!), so yeah, I watched all I could in two days. Now Drew wants me to watch Prison Break, so maybe I'll do that soon. Ang hindi ko natuloy na suggestion ni Drew was Lost - I think I only watched maybe six episodes tapos tinamad nako. Maybe I'll get back to that later on.

If only I could do CSI marathons. Kaso kasi ambigat talaga dalhin pag sunod-sunod mong pinanood, hehe.

As for Heroes:
Claire Bennett (Hayden Pannettiere) is so pretty!
Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey) is so cute! And he's a trained classical pianist! And he's been on "My Wife and Kids" and "Lady in the Water" but I can't seem to remember him there, though his face really is familiar.
Peter Petrelli (may typo sa - PATRELLI daw!) (Milo Ventimiglia) reminds me of my Rockstar:Supernova crush, Phil Ritchie. Mukhang matagal na siyang actor kasi nakasama pa siya sa "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". He's also been on CSI but again I can't remember where there.

Milo Ventimiglia & Phil Ritchie

- - - - -

I hope the next AI season has more talented contestants; AI5 was the bomb, which is why I didn't even bother with AI6 anymore.

Also, I hope I get to watch the remaining Heroes eps soon. And I hope the next season would be as great!

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