Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Self-titled shopping

Went on a shopping spree Music One Glorietta Di ko napansin, pero puro self-titled debut albums pala yung binili ko.

This indie CD is kinda hard-to-find already. Eh matagal-tagal ko na rin siyang iniisnab sa Music One, tapos biglang wala na akong makita. Buti nalang I saw some stocks at the Cashier's kanina. So there, I bought one. Interesting packaging, cool sounds!

Suddenly I was in the mood to buy Hilera. Nice, catchy punk. Simple but hits the spot. I predict I'll like this better the more I listen to it. They already had me at Rhyme Without Reason and Define. Nagulat ako nang malaman kong kanila pala yung Pilit. Senti ha. Pero carry naman nila, hehehe.

Ok ok ok. I admit I bought this because I find them cute :D I'm a sucker for the '60's anyway. Never been to their gigs, but I keep seeing these guys at school-related functions - BIOTA 2005 at LSGH (their alma mater), Pisay Prom '07, and Kat Chan's debut a couple of days back. Yan tuloy, napabili na ko ng CD nila kasi they're just so adorable and fun to watch, especially the drummer guy (Rocky). And I grew to like their orig debut single - Wala Nang Iba. I also like their version of Girl from Ipanema (considering I don't even like that song), Ale, and Wouldn't It Be Nice (which blasts out of your speakers as you visit my homepage).

Obviously, sila palang yung napakinggan ko talaga sa mga binili ko. It's really easy to appreciate their songs 'cause they're mostly remakes. Again, it's a surprise I'm not mad at this band 'cause by default mainit ang dugo ko sa mga nagreremake.They've got nice originals (there are a couple more in addition to the debut single), though of course there's always room for improvement.

All in all, it's been a good shopping spree. Had I more money in my wallet (which I could spend without guilt), I would've bought the Gwen Stefani album, hehehe. I was actually looking for a Jojo, but the only one there was the Philippine edition, which didn't have the booklet.

But the REAL REAL reason I even stepped into Music One was to look for Elliott Yamin's album. Pero siyempre, wala pa. Oh well, a little more waiting, I don't mind. As long as he gets here =)

P.S. Ang hot na ni Elliott! The teeth makeover did wonders to his confidence and stage presence. Since nagperform na siya last week sa AI, sana si Daughtry naman sa Finals! ;)

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