Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ayayay. It's starting. As I count down the days to Elliott's Manila visit, I find myself becoming more restless, and more obsessed with anything Elliott

I was only able to find three of his songs (Movin' On, Wait for You, You Are the One) on Limewire, so those three songs have been playing for a couple of hours now. I've fallen in love with You Are the One already. Really really really can't wait to get my hands on his album! Soon na, please!

Ang sarap nga ngayon mamasyal sa Ayala Malls eh. Everywhere you turn, Elliott is waiting there for you Tarps in and out of the mall, and the gigantic tarp at the Glorietta Activity Center. May ganun din sa TriNoma pero sa pictures ko lang nakita.

The Yaminoys are all abuzz as well, making some last-minute preparations for Elliott's visit. Wish I could help out, too, pero di kaya ng sked eh. Naexcite din ako lalo nung pinost sa Yaminoys na ang default picture ni Elliott sa MySpace ay picture ng kanyang billboard sa C5. I haven't seen that yet, but I see the EDSA billboard on a daily basis. I even pick my seat on the MRT such that I'll have a nice view of Elliott on the way to and from work

Yes, Elliott! Manila eagerly awaits you! So game, come here now na!

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