Sunday, September 23, 2007

More random Elliottness

Some more thoughts on Elliott na hindi ko nasama sa previous entry. As you can see, I'm still very much sufferring from Elliott fever.

* Bumped into Ma'am Norma(?) Reyes after the show. Ma'am Reyes was my Art teacher in 2nd year. The only memory I have of her class was when she asked us to describe how we appreciate art, or something like that. I said, appreciating art is like appreciating music. You don't just listen to the drums, or the guitars, or the vocals. You need to take it all in. Naks.

* On the way home I had a nerdy nerdy though (sorry na): I had Elliott's DNA in my hand!

* Katext ko si Justin (Guce, my bio co-teacher) on the way home. Kinukulit niya ko na nabalitaan daw niyang hinimatay ako (the day before kasi humirit ako sa bio na walang tatawa pag naiyak ako pag nakita ko si Elliott). Sabi ko hindi ako hinimatay no! Namatay ako!

* Elliott uttered a couple of Filipino phrases during the gig - "Mabuhay!", "Mahal ko kayo!", and "Salamat!" And although I hardly understood them, it endeared him to me all over again.

* All of this madness is thanks to my bio co-teachers Ninna and Menggai. It was them that first pointed out that this Elliott Yamin guy on American Idol Season 5 was so good. I was rooting for Chris Daughtry, but I did notice that Elliott was good. But I really started paying attention to E when they mentioned him. Since then, we've been gushing over him, bad teeth and weird hair and shameless onscreen tears and heartfelt love for his mom and wonderful wonderful voice and all.

* I was looking at my meet-and-greet picture with Elliott and realized that us four gals were all Pisay ('98 and '01). Naisip ko tuloy, kung ang Pinoy na fan ni Elliott ay tinatawag na Yaminoy, ano kayang pwedeng itawag sa Pisay na fan ni Elliott? And the word that came up was - Pisayamin. Ew, ampanget.

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