Sunday, September 23, 2007

My last Elliott gig (for now!)

Wasn't able to watch Elliott Yamin's Glorietta gig last Saturday (which I heard had a great crowd), because my mom didn't want me to drive home alone at night. Good thing Andrew agreed to watch with me at Market! Market!, with the deal that we'd also watch a movie. So watch we did.

I dunno if it was just the size of the place, but there didn't seem to be much Elliott fans there this evening. Lots of friggin' empty seats in the reserved area, and the floors above weren't really jampacked like in TriNoma. I think those who were on the upper floors were just there out of curiosity.

Didn't matter, anyway, because the Yamin fans that were indeed there were really really hyper and appreciative. They'd squeal at every opportunity they get (before, after, during a song, hehehe), and wave back to Elliott all the time. Nainggit ako kasi hindi ako makahiyaw at makakaway from my place (3rd floor, front and center of stage like before) kasi ako lang mag-isang nandun. Drew was with me sometimes, but he would go around the stores most of the time.

This megashow of love for Elliott by Pinoys prompted Elliott to declare this evening that we were THE BEST FANS EVER He said that he couldn't wait to go back home and tell his friends there all about his wonderful experiences here in the Philippines. And just like I posted earlier at the Yaminoy Yahoogroup, it seems that just as Elliott has made a mark in our hearts, us Pinoys have made a mark on his as well

Except for maybe one or two times, I kept my camera in the bag for the duration of the show. Since I couldn't get good pics nor vids anyway, I just wanted to experience Elliott with my own ears and eyes. He's a really good artist live; his performances are loads of levels beyond the album version! Ang galing kasi hindi ka magsasawang pakinggan siya live.

It was amusing to watch him deal with his sweat just a few songs into his set; he didn't have a facetowel with him like he did in TriNoma. So he'd wipe his face on his sleeves every once in a while Then later on one of the staff handed him a towel, which Elliott ended up throwing to the audience much much later.

One other thing I remember is that as the fans were screaming "I love you" to Elliott, he'd reply "I love you, too" And I don't know to whom this was addressed, but it was such an awww-some thing to hear him say on the mic, "I love you too, sweetheart"

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