Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Crammed Christmas

Would you believe, I only finished my Christmas shopping TODAY, 26 December 2007. Actually I still have to shop for my friends. They're usually not on my list anymore, but since we were able to set up some Christmas gimiks, now I'm obliged to give them gifts. Hahaha, joke, gusto ko naman talaga sila bigyan ng regalo.

So there, I was only able to give SOME gifts yesterday, while the rest, including those of my parents, remain unwrapped and 'ungiven'. So before I resume gift-wrapping, I decided to blog a bit about this crammed Christmas.

Every year, my life seems to get busier than ever, and this Christmas season is no exception. Christmas is the time balikbayans usually come home, so of course it's important to spend time with them while they're here, which calls for more than the usual malling or eat-outs.

Andrew's mom came home from the States a month ago, so I got to spend some time with Andrew's family lately. I'm so happy for Drew, too, because he really misses his mom, so it really is a special treat for him when she's home. Aside from that, he also adores his 2-month-old nephew Toby (and so do I!), so family time with the Pinlacs was really a nice experience.

My kuya came home from Singapore too with his family, so I finally got to meet my 6-month-old niece Roxy, who is such a cutie! It's only during Christmas that my immediate family becomes complete, so the holidays were really fun family time with my kuya and two ates at home with their respective partners and kids. Too bad my kuya could only stay two days because his boss wouldn't let him take a long leave. Still looking forward to the 30th anyway when Roxy will formally be part of the Christian world. And, surprise surprise, Andrew is a ninong! Hehehe, even I didn't know that. So all in all, Andrew became godfather to three children this year - Roxy, and kids of his Xavier colleagues.

Other balikbayans in my circle of friends are DJ, Cathy, and Coco. Tomorrow night, I'll be having dinner with the girls and Coco at 77cafe. As for meeting up with DJ and Cathy, it's still all up in the air, but definitely I have to see these folks. DJ's who I consider my big little brother and one of my most favorite people in the world, is visiting from New York state, where he has been living for over 5 years already (I think). And Cathy, my best friend back in 3rd grade at San Agustin, is visiting from Canada. It may seem trivial to have her as a best friend for only a year, but she's part of some of my most treasured grade school memories. She's been living in Canada for almost two decades now, and it was only maybe two years ago that we got to see each other again. When we go out for dinner this year (or maybe next year?), we'll also be celebrating the engagement of another of our barkada, Stephen :)

My ZS (UP Zoological Society) friends aren't balikbayans, but I rarely get to see them as well. So Saturday night is dedicated to them. These folks made the last of my college days so much fun, what with countless hours of tambay at the Owl's Nest, or inebriated nights (or afternoons :P) at Sarah's or Ara and Lisa (did I get that right? basta yung sa may Maginhawa sa UP Village).

The Christmas break isn't only for family and friend meet-ups. There are weddings to attend, too! Too bad, though, because I had to miss Faye and Herbie's wedding last December 22, because that's when my kuya and his family flew in. This January 2, however, I will get to attend Dawn and Leo's wedding. Thing is, I haven't tried on the dress I plan to wear...good luck :))

So AAALL of this, plus SCHOOLWORK. Yikes. Wish I could split myself into 50 so each of me could take on a task that needs to be done. Hay. Oh well :P

Happy holidays!

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