Friday, March 21, 2008

AI7 Marathon

Ever noticed how shows get marathoned during the Holy Week? Well, I'm doing my own marathon online, and it's an AI7 marathon. Missed quite a number of shows lately, though I've updated myself through, sometimes even before the show gets to Philippine TV. It's a bad habit we have at the Bio Unit :P Since there are three fanatics in the unit (me, Ma'am Cheng, and Sir Tafaleng; Ma'am Espiritu sana but she's not in the unit anymore), it's not just me who's excited to grab hold of the spoilers :D So at around 9am, we are promptly tuned in to Rickey.

Sorry, this is gonna be a bit long, ehehe.

So anyway, these are my fave performances:

TOP 20: Jason Castro - I Just Want To Be Your Everything

I actually like the interview more than the performance though :D He's just so doggone cute.

TOP 20: David Hernandez - Papa Was A Rolling Stone

Ok, so the gymnastics revelation kinda started to make me think. Nevertheless, this was his strongest performance for me. Too bad he's not gonna be part of the tour. Though there's a rumor of Wildcard spots for the tour so I hope he gets his chance there.

TOP16: David Archuleta - Another Day in Paradise

The piano was a winner! :D

TOP16: Jason Castro - Hallelujah
Wow, awesome comments from Simon! Yup, Castro did a great job on this one. What's more, his performance of this song catapulted Jeff Buckley to the top of iTunes! It's always great when people discover great songs through whatever means (AI, Rockstar, revivals/covers/etc.)

TOP 11: David Cook - Daytripper

Did he say in the intro that he arranged that with the house band? Then way to go for David C. I think this was the performance that finally got me to listen to him. The vocoder/voicebox appeared contrived though (but I didn't mind it one bit on the mp3, which I listened to first).

TOP 11: Syesha Mercado - Yesterday

This got Syesha back in her game. The mp3 alone was OK, but it was so much better watching her emo performance onscreen. Ganda :)

Random comments:

The group performances are somewhat disasters. Yikes.

As for
David Cook, I've said before that I don't believe his rocker persona. But I'm slowly becoming convinced. But I still can't seem to like him the way I liked Chris Daughtry. Was his version of Hello his own arrangement? If it was, then kudos to him. I didn't like it the first time I heard it, but the second chance worked (even though it started awkward).

Carly Smithson, I can't seem to get over my bias on her. Though there are a lot of pros/semipros in this bunch of contestants, I think her spot is the most wasted. She already had her chance with a major label record that didn't sell. But now that AI's pimping her, that record just might get its chance to finally chart. She does have talent, but I'm not inclined to appreciate it just yet.

Comments on Beatles night:

Two Beatles nights in a row? Too much. To quote a favorite Simon comment: It was indulgent. And most of the songs got killed, massacred, left to bleed and die. I wouldn't consider myselfe a die-hard Beatles fan, but I'm still territorial when it comes to their songs - I rarely like em covered (The I Am Sam OST was awesome for the most part, though!).

Kristy Lee Cook should be hanged for her version of one of my most favorite Beatles songs. Argh! "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" was just as awful *rolls eyes*

I wouldn't say the same for David A. He could screw it all up and I won't make him a noose. But yeah, he screwed up the Beatles big time :(

I'd say
David C's "Eleanor Rigby" had a great rock out arrangement (though I've read he copied it from some band), but the vocals weren't as hot in some places. But he did get great comments from the judges, and they weren't really undeserved.

In my opinion, Carly Smithson killed the Beatles' "Come Together". I don't think the song was ever meant to be sang that diva-ish-ly. It's a rock song through-and-through.

Lastly, boo that Ramiele's mic was off during her duet part with Brooke.

Comments on my favorites:

Michael Johns
- He is undeniably hot, but his performances keep kinda falling short. I love watching him, but listening to the mp3s alone make me wince a bit when his voice wavers, especially during the high notes. A solid presence like his should be backed by solid vocals. I'm hoping the next nights would really showcase his talent. I love his playlist (i.e., his taste in music), though. And he really gets pimped during groups songs, especially on the first Beatles week :D

Ramiele Malubay
- She's so cute and charming, with hot vocals to boot. But she kinda needs to work the stage more, to interact more fluidly with the audience. I mean, she's great on cam during the interviews, but her performances need a little more oomph. I really do hope she makes it to the top spots.

Amanda Overmyer
- I'm disappointed but not surprised that she got booted this early. True, she didn't show versatility, but I like her nonetheless. I'm just glad she got some exposure through AI, but her type isn't really the kind that lasts on the show. I hope she still makes a career out of music - rocker chicks rule!

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