Tuesday, March 25, 2008

As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you

Ok, this is weird. I'm currently crushing on a 33-year-old guy from 18 years ago. Better late than never?

"I'll Be Over You" was released in 1986 as part of TOTO's sixth album, "Fahrenheit".

I grew to love the song in 1995, during my first year in Pisay (my bandmates would know why *wink*)

But it is only now in 2008 that I discovered the voice behind one of my most favorite songs of all time.

Toto has been described by no less than Eddie Van Halen as "collectively the best musicians on the planet". One of those awesome musicians is guitarist/vocalist Steve Lukather (OFFICIAL SITE|WIKIPEDIA), who did vocals on "I'll Be Over You".

I cyberstalked "Luke" tonight and was amazed by his credentials. I've been all over, so forgive me if I forget to cite my sources; I simply wasn't able to keep track of everything. All I know is I remember reading that Luke's got 700 albums to his name - as part of Toto, or as a sessionist for a good number of artists. Check out his DISCOGRAPHY and be blown away.

Just this afternoon, I headed off to BF Ruins to look for concert DVDs of Toto (sorry for supporting the pirates, but I've tried Music One ATC and found nothing; I'll buy em if I find em, that's for sure!). Was actually looking for recent footage so I'd have an idea of what to expect on April 3, but instead I found the whole concert from where the vidclip I posted earlier was taken. It's an awesome (I use that word a lot, don't I?) gig from 1990, and I have half the mind to watch it for the second time tonight, as soon as I finish this blog :D

So there, watching a 33-year-old Steve Lukather sing "I'll Be Over You" and unleash those solos in between did me over. Now I'm hooked, and I don't mind that the guy's already 51 and doesn't really look like he did back in 1990. He's amazing! But speaking of 1990, Luke was a indeed a cutie then (in an 80s sense - the hair, the clothes...), what with those blue eyes and long lashes (I seem to have a thing for eyes...just check out Drew's!) and heart-melting voice and awesome (there I go again) guitar skills!

Couldn't April 3 be any sooner?!

In the meantime, let me leave you with more footage from 1990. This is "I Won't Hold You Back", one of the few songs that Luke wrote all by himself, and one of Toto's most beautiful songs. This particular performance starts out with a beautiful solo by keyboardist and also founding member David Paich.

P.S. 33 years old? Talk about 22! And in bell bottoms and a 'fro! :P


jem said...

kudos to you for recognizing the awesomeness of steve lukather!

quiz: without looking up lyrics, ano yung next line sa "as soon as my heart stops breaking..." ?

- d a c s - said...

Haha! I hope I came across as a genuine music fan rather than just another fan girl :D

And another haha...I only learned for real the next line to that just this year :D Anticipating ;)