Thursday, May 22, 2008

America is not ready for a rocker Idol

At least that's what I wrote on and deleted from my blog entry last night.

Yey for Cook, and yey for Archuleta.

And yey for Simon Cowell too! He backtracked on himself saying that Archu delivered a knockout last night; he said he was bordering on being disrespectful to Cook. At that point, according to Cowell, it doesn't matter who won because they both did great. True. True.

Actually, thank you, Mr. Cowell, for turning the votes in favor of Mr. Cook. Because of your all-three-rounds-to-Archuleta declaration, Cookeys voted rabidly, and gave David Cook the 12-million-vote advantage he need to win over Archuleta.

- - - - -

It was great seeing Michael Johns again. The only way I'm gonna get to see that man live is if Ayala Malls decides to bring more Idols to their stages, hehe. (Libre lang mangarap!)
Jason Castro was also a treat. I know there are a lot of Castro-haters, but I'm partial to dreads and lovely eyes, and the guy's good with a guitar, so yeah, back off

As for my other early favorites...sadly, it wasn't as exciting to see Ramiele again. It was awkward but fun to see Amanda dancing (that voice of her is classic, get her a rock recording contract, will ya!). And Syesha's getting hotter by the minute; I do hope she lands a contract soon, too.

George Michael's such a diva - he had the stage all to himself and did not medley (ehehe) with the other idols. And his song was anticlimactic! And Paula was there again standing and sobbing.

Best bit for me was seeing one of the loves of my life, Robert Downey Jr.! He is sooo adorable! I'm super glad he's back in the biz; minus the drugs (but that's the past now, thank God!), he's one of the finest from his generation of actors. I wasn't expecting to see him, so yeah, that was a very welcome surprise.

- - - - -

So, what now for David and David? Give them both contracts and let them outsell each other so concert promoters here would have enough reason to bring them to Philippine shores

Way to go, David Cook!

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