Saturday, May 17, 2008

Congrats Marv, Patacs, and Rach!

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Three recent graduates of the Philippine Science High School (Main Campus) (PSHS) won a "Distinguished Achievement Award" from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists during the 2008 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF 2008) held on May 11-17, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The members of the winning PSHS team are as follows: Adrian T. Patacsil, Marvin Paolo G. Ambrosio, and Rachel Ruth Y. Cahilig. The title of their winning entry is "Construction of a Mechanical Prototype of a Microtremor Recorder Based on Electromagnetic Induction". The three students belong to PSHS (Main Campus) Class of 2008. (Read more)

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Yey for Marvin, Patacs, and Rachel - wow, students ko silang tatlo! Hehehe. As if their STR project had anything to do with Bio1 But anyway, yup, I'm proud I got to teach those folks back in their 2nd year in Pisay. What's more, Marvin and Patacs were in my advisory class - go Camia '08!

I hope this inspires the incoming seniors to do really well in STR2. I heard some Field Bio turned SSIP kids (ehem ehem, OJ, Jer, is that you?) have already started making a career out of their STR project (in other words, kinareer na ang intention sa pagsali sa Intel! ) Let's go '09!

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