Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Invitation for SPONSORS! - The 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS & MUSIC FESTIVAL and Trade Fair

Festival Overview


- is a Trade Fair
  • it's a first-of-it's-kind annual trade exposition that fuses the expansive world of the Arts and Music with the world of commerce and business;

  • it's a on-stop-shop, buyers'-and-sellers' market that niches on products, merchandise, supplies, and services that artists (whether visual, graphic, performance, theatrical) art students, art lovers, gallery owners, hobbyists, musicians, music lovers would require and patronize;

  • it's a unique marketplace where the artist/musician in all of us can be both the seller (selling art) and the buyer (buying art materials) all at once and under one roof.
- is a Lifestyle Festival
  • it's a unique celebration of the Arts and Music and the lifestyle/subculture that it inspires - unique in that it has never before been celebrated in the context of a trade fair;

  • it's a venue for showcasing talent, creative expression, and product innovations that appeal not only to this market segment which embodies this lifestyle, but also to a broad mass audience owing to the universal reach of Music and the Arts
The Megtrade Hall at SM Megamall in Ortigas set the stage for a variety of music and arts programs. Considered to be the heart of the events and trade industry, Megatrade Hall is the perfect venue for holding this event since our primary objective is to educate and bring the expansive world of the Arts and Music to all social classes of the Megamall crowd.

Concert performances take place at the Stage Area inside the Hall. Visitors can enjoy a tour of the Art Gallery which showcases featured artists that produce and display their art, attend the free seminars and workshops in the adjacent Arts and Music Seminar Room or shop around the Exhibit Area before attending the concerts which feature jazz, rock, classical, Latin rhythms, pop, ethnic/tribal, theatrical, ballet, and other dance performances.

Over a thousand artists and musicians have participated
in the past three years.

  1. To provide the public a wide range of musical listening experiences including jazz, pop, classical, reggae, rock, blues, world music, and other ethnic musical styles such as flamenco and Latin music, and enrich their lives through different forms of art.

  2. To continue the growth in number of cultural offerings and create a more varied
    program. To introduce new art forms to be performed at the venue, such as films, children's productions, art and performing workshops, and dance.

  3. To give musicians and artists the opportunity to interact, share their gifts, and exhibit their work.

The event begins on the 29th of August 2008 with events and activities that continue to take place for three days.

* Art Exhibits:
The Backdoor Ventures Art Gallery highlights the work of different visual artists and photographers. Exhibits are open to the public the entire duration of the event.

* Children's Art Workshops and Shadowplay:
Both local and visiting children attend the children's programs, establishing an early art and culture awareness.

* Art Film Showing:
The 2008 A&M Fest will feature works by some of the country's renowned Art Film Makers. Each film is preceded by a short presentation highlighting the background of the film.

Artists use the Main Hall to actively produce and display their art. Visitors to the Artists-in-Action displays are delighted by watching fine artists, such as sculptors, painters, weavers, and ceramicists. They can watch the artists creating their work, demonstrating the creative process. It has proven to be very informative and interesting for the public.

* Concerts:
Concerts are held at the Stage Area. A wide range of musical styles are represented from tribal music, reggae, jazz, pop, rock, to R&B and other genres.

* Dance Performances:
Visitors are treated to an array of dance performances from cultural dances to modern jazz and ballet.

* Workshops and Seminars:
Art, acting, photography, music, and theater workshops are held at the adjacent Seminar Room.

* Trade Fair:
The Trade Fair features a wide array of art- and music-related products and services.

* Laser Light Show:
A state-of-the-art laser light by Argon Animation treats visitors to a futuristic art form.

PAST PERFORMERS: Ballet Philippines, Chicosci, The Dawn, Dulaang UP, Greyhoundz, Joey Pepe Smith, Johnny Alegre Affinity, Kitchie Nadal, Kjwan, Noel Cabangon, Pinikpikan, Radioactive Sago Project, Repertory Philippines, Romancing Venus, Ryan Cayabyab The Music Studio, Sinosikat, Sponge Cola, Twisted Halo, Typecast...

PAST EXHIBITORS/PARTICIPANTS: Binondo Media Publication, British Council, Independent Musicians and Artists League, JB Music, Lyric Piano, Perfect Pitch, K-Hon, Khumbela, Li'l Hands, Museo Pambata, MTV Philippines, National Commission for Culture and Arts, Pulp/MTV Ink, Extreme Magic Sing, Bukswagen Experiment, Filigrenasia, Jack TV, Jam 88.3, NU 107, RJ 100, 105.1 Crossover, 99.5 RT, 96.3 WRock...

To know more about this Festival (about Backdoor Ventures, other past performers, other past exhibitors/participants, etc.) download the attached file, or contact:

Tel: (02) 951 3646, (0918) 540 3248
Email: backdoorventures@mac.com, backdoorventures@gmail.com
Web: backdoorvent.multiply.com

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