Monday, July 21, 2008

Right now, it's Wolfgang all over Eheads

I'm deathly busy, but this is very very important to me, thus the need to blog about it. Hehehe.

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A lot of my high school friends would be surprised if they heard me say this now.

I was so much more an Eheads fan back then than a Wolfgang fan. Right now, maybe it's a tie in terms of the music. But if we're talking about reunions, I'd pick the Wolfgang gig over the Eheads thing in a jiffy.

Firstly, a Wolfgang reunion gig would feature new songs, whereas I doubt the reunited Heads could spend enough time together to come up with new material.

Secondly, a Wolfgang reunion gig would most probably have a more peaceful atmosphere (even though it does belong to the harder, supposedly more violent subgenre of rock) than an Eheads reunion gig. And I'm not only talking about the band members here. There are speculations left and right that the four Wolven Ones aren't really all in good terms, just as the local Fab Four are; but I believe the tension is far greater amidst the Heads. What's more, the way the Eheads rift has split apart their fans is miles away from how any Wolfgang issue may have polarized the fanbase (if there really is an issue to speak of in the first place).

In other words, an Eheads reunion gig is a riot waiting to happen (sorry to the uber excited fans, but this thought has truly bothered me from the start).

Since the Eheads gig is so HIGHLY ANTICIPATED (understatement of the year, I'd say), emotions will be running high on the day itself, including anxiety and restlessness.

Think of it - a mere 45 minute set for what you've waited for 10 years?! BITIN! Everyone waiting for a kiss-and-make-up jam? People still believing and rooting for one side over the other? Free admission with hecklers all around? I dunno man...sounds frightful to me.

Maybe it's just my coping mechanism, but I find it hard to be genuinely excited over this Eheads reunion gig. Maybe at the back of my mind I'm afraid I won't get tickets, so at least if I'm not too excited, I won't be that heartbroken. Hehehe.

Anways, as I said, I've been too busy to even go online (15 pages of "Recent Updates" and I haven't even seen the last of em!), so I haven't really kept track the Eheads thing, like where to get tickets or other whatnot.

Don't get me wrong - I'd do ANYTHING to watch the Eheads play together again. But if it means risking life and limb on my part, or maybe seeing in the flesh that the friendship truly is irreparable...I think I'll just go catch the DVD release (dapat naman meron no!)

But if we're talking Wolfgang here...front row tickets and backstage passes please! ;)

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