Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things that Rick Astley will never do


Menggai (Ma'am Cheng), her good friend, and I will be watching Rick Astley at the Big Dome on August 1.

Not a diehard Rick fan, but seeing that he's just as cute as he was two decades ago convinced me to at least get General Admission seats and see him perform his charttopping hits: Never Gonna Give You Up
, Together Forever, Cry For Help (with that heartbreaking piano intro). He's really got this awesome voice which hasn't changed a bit, and actually looks good on him now that he's more mature than (but still) babyface. (Labo ko, haha!)

So anyway, before I turn in tonight, just wanted to blog about my favorite Rick Astley songs:

It Would Take A Strong Strong Man (1988)

Hopelessly (1993) - just rediscovered tonight how I used to LOVE this song

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jem said...

mad props for rickrolling yourself XD