Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Album in the making: Peryodiko starts recording

Medyo mahaba na naisulat ko tas nagclick ako ng search. Ayun, nawala. *grumble grumble*

Anyways, as I tried to say a while ago...

The names alone of the people involved in this project will make anyone expect great things from this band's debut album: Vin Dancel on vocals/guitar, Kakoy Legaspi on guitar, Simon Tan on bass, Abe Billano on drums - all well-respected musicans of the local scene. Add to that the identity of their producer: Robin Rivera (yes, THE Robin Rivera who brought to us those legendary Eraserheads albums). Let's also bring the recording studio into the picture: Shinji Tanaka's Sound Creation Studio (Cambio, Imago, Pedicab, Sandwich, etc).

But in the end, actually, it really is just all about the music. And I assure you that what you will hear will be something that you would like, not just because it sounds nice, but also because it feels nice. I guess that would be the Dancel trademark - making music that feeds the soul.

So in the meantime, while waiting for the album, have a taste of things to come:
- Peryodiko demos at Vin's Multiply
- Updates on the album from producer Robin Rivera
- Discuss Peryodiko at
- Discuss Peryodiko at


jem said...

sobrang panalo yung peryodiko.

kung fangirl ka ni vin, ako fanboy ni kakoy!

- d a c s - said...

^Heehee :D