Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Impromptu sembreak - online aftermath of the Pisay fire

Biglang nagka-'bakasyon' ang mga bata. Hehehe.

Yes, the fire is a VERY sad thing. I can't imagine how depressed and angry I would be if it were our area that was affected.

On the other hand, I couldn't help but notice - biglang nabuhay ang Multiply, hahaha. I guess since the kids just had their one-day holiday stretched to six days, they suddenly found time to blog/post (more) again, and their posts are about events that happened weeks before, hehehe.

Nakakatawa pa mga title the blog entries about the fire - kung may bonfire daw ang Ateneo, meron din sa Pisay; masyado raw hot ang (taga)Pisay kaya nagkasunog, etc etc. Again, I do recognize the severity of the situation, and so do the kids, and I'm sure they don't mean to offend, so I hope no offense will be taken.

As for me, yes I have tons to check (and my students know that, too, hehehe - sorry na, will definitely get that done this week!), but for now, I'm taking the night off to also catch up on posting.

For one, I haven't even properly blogged about my engagement (yihee), though I think I don't need to do that anymore

Also, I've still got tons of pics from Humanities Week and other events that I haven't posted yet.

One at at time, one at a time.

But for now, what I'd really like to celebrate (and I'm sorry it came with this post, which started out talking about a sad event) is my tenth year with Andrew! More on that later

EDIT 10.01.08 - Ayan. Ten years of Andrew

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