Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunog sa Pisay :(

A fire started very early this morning (1 AM-ish) in Pisay at the Faculty Center, 2nd floor Science Humanities Building. The investigation is still ongoing so I can't say much about the whys and the hows. Let the pics speak for themselves. Photos c/o Lara Cion (salamat, Lara!). Sad =(

UPDATE 10.01.08 - More pics from Sir Llaguno and Sir Lim

I've heard that the Fair Comm and the SA have started planning fundraisers. I guess this is where SAMAPI can help - guys, let's use the fair gig we're planning to raise funds for this!!! (Yes, itutuloy natin ang fair gig, ayt!)

Everyone, let's volt in!

PLEASE STAY TUNED FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS re: perio, fair, and other schedules; how to help out (donations, etc.). You can regularly check the school's website for the official word. Or this space for the unofficial word.

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JB said...

*sigh* That's just so sad! I missed the homecoming pa naman. But I did walk that very corridor just a few weeks ago during the ACLE. So many memories...

-JB (Batch 1991)