Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If employees can get fired because of Facebook...

...then maybe students can also get into trouble because of their blogs and social networking sites...?

Wala lang, naisip ko lang. It has been at times a dilemma what to do about inappropriate behavior of our students outside of school - in the malls, on the Internet - places where supposedly we do not have jurisdiction over them anymore.

I've seen kids in uniform (not necessarily Pisay) in the malls, smoking, very publicly displaying affection, cursing...and it always bothers me - if I were there teacher, could I tell them off even if we weren't in school anymore? Or if I read a particularly rude or even offensive blog entry, do I have the right to scold the auther if he/she were a student of my school?

People can get really defensive about this, always subscribing to the "freedom of speech" idea. But I believe that freedom comes with responsibility, and what you do outside of school or outside of your home is still a reflection of the values that your teachers and your family are trying hard to instill in you.

Andrew, who teaches in a Catholic school (and you know how Catholic schools place a premium on forming morally upright children of God), believes that we still do have to be vigilant about our students' behavior outside the campus, especially if they are in uniform or obviously displaying that they belong to a particular school. He says that wherever they go, our students carry the good name of our school, and they must take care not to do anything to smear that good name. Besides, as a person, you should always be a respectable and responsible individual, whether or not a teacher or parent is watching your every move.

Oh my, I'm turning into an adult. I'm one of THEM now. Hehehe.

Hindi, wala lang, it's just that sometimes when I read updates on Multiply, the blog entries of some kids make me flinch (don't worry kids, I'm not filing IRs or anything; I just flinch). Of course, they're emo, and high school's got them angsty and stuff. Sure, I went through the same thing 10+ years ago. But there are some words, ideas, and behaviors that the kids have today that I never would've even touched when I was a teen. I don't wanna sound old-fashioned or anything, but still nothing beats just being a good person, right? :)

Impromptu adult blog entry, inspired by today's headlines, hehehe.

Virgin Atlantic sacks 13 staff after Facebook criticism

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