Monday, November 03, 2008

One of them Aussie crushes

This guy hasn't been on my mind in a looong time. And now, in just two weeks, he'll be in my country, in my malls! (MY malls daw eh no)

I didn't know his band, The Rising, got [V] airplay. Is he hot or whut. Will definitely watch him at his Ayala gigs!

November 18: TriNoma Mall, Activity Center, 7:00PM
November 19: Glorietta Mall, Glorietta Activity Center
November 20: Alabang Mall, Activity Center, 6:30PM
November 21: Greenbelt Mall, Greenbelt 3 Park, 7:00PM

Thanks for Meg for the heads up, and for Isabel for being the source

Even after seeing Meg's and Isabel's posts, I just had to check the Ayala Malls website itself, and I actually squealed when I did see the dates for the gigs (no poster yet like that of Taylor or Elliott, but yeah, the dates are there!).

Shucks, na-excite ako dun ha.

If you still don't know him, he's Michael Johns from American Idol Season 7, the Aussie rocker who was one of the shock elims for that season. He was my bet!

I think this'll be added to my previous post - the things that keep me sane nowadays

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