Friday, January 02, 2009

Things I wish I could put on my bridal registry

In no particular order. And with no serious intention na magparinig (pero kung may kumagat, sure why not? Hehehe.)
  1. Siberian husky, with complete shots and a year's supply of dog food (demanding much?)
  2. Stuff to put in our home studio. We won't really be gigging at bars or clubs but as long as we can play, even if it's just at home, we'll be happy as kids with candy. Can't remember anymore how many time's we've remarked, "Nagpapa-bridal registry ba ang JB Music?"
  3. Mitsubishi Eclipse. (Hindi yung yellow, ha,!) (Ok, ok, I know yellow isn't an Eclipse color, know, just wanted to do a Punk Zappa, hehe). Could also be a really nice, roadworthy, souped up Kombi.
  4. Nintendo DS. Just got to play with one (my niece's) earlier tonight. Ang saya!
  5. An all-expense paid trip to Japan. I sooo want to go back. As in I've literally dreamed of the place several times since I got back. I want to visit in the spring so I can see the cherry blossoms.
  6. All the stuff needed to play Guitar Heroes - PS, the game disc, the guitar controller, sama niyo na rin yung flatscreen TV and souped up speaker system . I only ever get to play that using a guitar controller when we hold our ZS reunions at the Delosos.
  7. Laptop. I haven't really thought of the brand nor model; as long as I can use it for my teaching and for my photography hobby, that'll be A-OK.
  8. Digital SLR. Of course that's gotta come with those long, powerful lenses and accessories that I don't even know what they're for.
  9. Discounts at the OB, pedia, and other doctors Andrew and I might be visiting frequently, now that old-people-ailments are starting to bug us (Drew usually gets injured when he plays ball, and my knee has been acting up recently it annoys and discomforts me).
  10. House and lot, where my family and our Siberian husky will live. The lawn has to be big, because that's where my kids will be running around on Sunday afternoons, learning Filipino games like patintero and tumbang preso, instead of growing roots in front of the TV or computer.
...That was fun. Hehehe. Now back to reality.

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