Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AI8: Top 36 1st Group

Just caught the 11pm replay. How come they didn't show the names and numbers during the recap at the end of the show? Isn't the recap supposed to help you remember who to vote? Or is it because it's a replay already, so it would be useless to show the numbers anyway? (Though they never edited the replays in previous seasons.)

Anyway, it was a night of bad song choices and nerves. The judges were mostly right. Paula annoys the hell out of me when she struggles with what to say, and ends up saying something stupid anyway. I don't like how Kara wants the girls to sing girly songs (hehe).

My bets, aside from Robert Downey Jr Jr: Anoop (definitely!), Alexis, Michael. Simon was right about Michael - wasn't a great performance, but he'll get votes 'cause he's a nice guy. I do hope Michael does go far because of his voice though.

I actually liked Danny's "Hero" better than his "Kiss From A Rose", which is saying a lot because in terms of the original songs, I like the latter waaay more than the former.

I don't like how Danny gets pimped so much. C'mon, the guy's got enough looks and talent to make it far on his own merit. He doesn't even need his personal sob story to be mentioned EVERY episode.

It was nice to see Jamar in the audience. Still can't get over how he was dropped after Hollywood round.

It was also nice to see Doogie Howser in the audience, hehe.

And yeah, Tatiana was way creepier this evening. She's playing us, I tell ya.

P.S. Folks are digging up dirt on Danny's church. Haven't had time to read it all, but it looks really ugly, if it were indeed true. Try

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