Friday, February 13, 2009

From Jorel Corpus of Kjwan: Let's convince Boston's Berklee College of Music to hold auditions here in Manila!

Jorel of Kjwan has an awesome idea. Care to help out?


...Berklee has this program called the World Scholarship tour where they go to cities around the world and audition people who are intersted to study in the college. (isnt that cool at how the college actually goes out to audition people) The nearest audition site to Manila is Kuala Lumpur which is where i auditioned back in 2007.

Now of course running at the back of mind mind eversince was. "I wish they would come here to Manila because i know that they will be surprised at the amount of talent that the country and city has"...

...So this is where i need you guys to help me out.

One of the factors that they will probably decide on would be how much people are going to audition. So i need you guys to ask around for me who is interested to audition for the school. Do not think about the application process first. I just need to know a general number on how many people want to audition if there will be one in Manila.

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