Thursday, February 12, 2009

AI8: Why did they send Jamar Rogers home???

I channel-surfed during the commercial break and forgot that I was watching AI and Jamar Rogers' fate was up next. When I got back, Jamar had come out of the judges' room already and was delivering the news to a very disbelieving Danny.

Ang aga naman nila mag shock-elimination. Just watched the re-run, note how the folks in the holding room couldn't believe the news either.

Di ko rin gets ba't di siya pinatuloy. He was good. I would've loved watching him and Danny go all the way to the top, and then I wouldn't mind anymore who would win :D

Jamar Roger's audition in Kansas City, Hollywood group performance of "Somebody to Love", Hollywood solo performance of "Hey There Delilah".

Just found him on MySpace and was delighted to see pics of him and his daughter, Freedom (I didn't even know he had one). He looks good with his long, curly hair, too.

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Teis said...

I really have no idea. I'm in shock and actually quite annoyed. He was amazing. I think its safe to say A I is done.