Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Anxiet-E (2 days to go...)


I'm not particularly excited or giddy. Mainly because I'm preoccupied with work (I'm procrastinating as I blog hehe), and I'm not allowing myself to be excited about THAT gig.

In past experiences, if I allow myself to be hyped up about a particular gig, I become totally dysfunctional. It always happened back in college - I couldn't concentrate on my classes, and my mind would constantly fast forward to the gig. Sometimes, I'd be terribly heartbroken because some unforeseen/unavoidable circumstance would prevent me from attending the gig.

I don't want any of those things to happen now.

Moreover, I'm also pretty anxious about Saturday. I just saw how humongous the concert grounds are, and it just sunk in how many people are expected to attend: "Putting 100,000 concertgoers together puts the gig on the bigger end of the live music scale. Sure there are larger events - Woodstock in the 60’s (300,000), UK’s annual Glastonbury Festival (typically 177,000) or Brazil’s Rock in Rio (a million concertgoers) are larger - but this is one event featuring just one band."

Suddenly, praning na ako. I've never been to this big an event. And at the back of my mind, troubling thoughts keep brewing. Baka mawalay na naman ako sa mga kaibigan ko, like what happened last August. Or maybe a stampede might occur. Or maybe I won't be able to attend at all for some crazy reason (I hope not that though, because we have tickets already - my fiance bought them for us, as a gift; that's why I'm marrying him - hehe joke lang).

Still, as much as I'm not allowing myself to be E-xcited, I won't allow myself to be too anxious either.

Besides, it's just a gig. Right? Riiight ;)

Pics from the final rehearsal for the final set.

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