Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy birthday, Robert Danny Jr =D

Watching tonight's late replay of American Idol.

What the hell, they started with Danny Gokey because he's the oldest contestant?! Eh magka-age lang kami ah! Shucks, it's one of those darn-I'm-old-na moments >_<

Anyways, so yeah, happy birthday to Danny Gokey, who turns 29 on the 24th. And, yeah, happy birthday to my biggest celebrity crush, Robert Downey, Jr., who turned 44 last 4-4 (uy astig, hehe).

So yun, haven't been blogging about AI because I haven't had the time. I do get to watch the performance shows, but I rarely catch the results show anymore.

This is quite a confusing season for me. Most of the folks I like are the folks that get a lot of hate from the netizens, or the other way around.

Granted, Danny Gokey is probably overrated, but I love him anyway. I like the gruff in his voice, and the RDJ in his looks. So sue me.

I like Kris Allen, too. And I'm glad he doesn't have any haters (at least not as bad as those that hate Danny). Though I don't know the song he just sang tonight. Simon called the performance many times has he used that adjective this season?

So now it's Lil performing, but I'll just blog on anyway without waiting for their performances...

As much as Allison Iraheta is exactly the contestant I'd be rooting for - rocker chick type - I can't seem to appreciate her, and I have no idea why. Kulang ang dating niya para sa akin.
EDIT: Wow, hers was my favorite performance for the night. I may be biased toward the song choice, but the way she sang it was indeed awesome.

I like Megan Joy's tone, but it only suits certain songs. Too bad for her. I wasn't able to watch when she started talking back to the judges. Again, too bad for her. I did see though when she REALLY got fried by the judges after her last performance. Ouch.

Speaking about those who left, I also liked Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace.

I'm disappointed with Anoop Desai and Lil Rounds. They were really good during the auditions, but their performances always fall short.

As for Scott MacIntyre, it's nice that he gets to perform like this despite his handicap, but I think he has overstayed in the competition at this point.
EDIT: Kamusta naman yun, Scott singing, "Now I look into your eyes, I can see forever." Hehehe. Hey cool, he plays guitar. He seems better at the piano though.

Hmmm, who else. Matt Giraud. I dunno what to make of this guy. Doesn't appeal to me.

And there - Adam Lambert. This guy polarizes the show. You either love him or hate him. Sorry folks, but I am of the latter. Maybe he's just not my type *shrugs*
EDIT: His Mad World was a cover, a version that I never liked (though my sis used to play it all the time in the car). I smell another "Billie Jean" moment here (remember how they shot down David Cook last year?) Will someone tell me why I really can't seem to like Adam Lambert...? Puro rave kasi ang tao sa at sa AI YahooGroups na kasali ako, as well as on Hmmm...And Simon gave him a standing ovation? That's HUGE isn't it? But...why? *kamot ulo* Funny comment on "Simon stood up because he was ready to leave!" :))

- - - - -

Other birthday greetings for April 4:

Haberdey Justin & Jericca of the Bio Unit! Funny kwento about these two. When we were at a videoke place to celebrate their birthdays, as well as Lhen's birthday and Nino's departure (i-celebrate daw yun, hehe), the number for the 'Happy Happy Birthday' song was 4485, which is Justin and Jericca's birthday - April 4, 1985. La lang :)

Also, birthday shoutout to the one and only Heath Ledger. He would've been 30 this year...

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