Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AI8: Top 13 - Michael Jackson Night

I'm an AI fanatic. I'm a very very big MJ fan. And I've been in love with Robert Downey Jr. since the 90's. What more could I ask for?

Robert Danny Jr was H-O-T. Screw his haters. He's got talent and charisma. Definitely got looks. And finally his wife wasn't mentioned tonight. I hope that calms down his detractors. But it's still annoying how Paula gets all schoolgirl-giddy when Danny performs. Doubly outrageous when she virtually proclaimed him this year's Idol.

I love Michael Jackson. Weird outfits, troubled family life, and questionable behavior aside. He's one of those notorious artists that I choose to listen to even though nasty rumors and lawsuits constantly swarm his existence and sadly overshadow his artistry. His music is just SOOO brilliant, it's hard to ignore.

I love that a lot of songs tonight were taken from the Dangerous album. It's the album that introduced me to MJ back in 1993. I bought it for a school program; we were using "Heal the World" I was totally blown away by the album. My favorites were the ones picked by the finalists!

I liked Kris Allen's "Remember the Time". He strangely reminds me of a very youthful Christian Bale...can anyone explain that? I loved how he loved playing his guitar. And yeah, Simon was rude (as always) to mention the wife thing, but (as always) he was right - I was a bit disappointed to learn that Kris was married, hehe.

I liked Allison Iraheta's "Give In To Me". It was around '93 that I started to like rock, so I really dug this particular track from Dangerous. But I do wanna see a different side of Alyson.

I liked Scott MacIntyre's "Keep the Faith". Definitely one of the top songs in the album for me. But Scott's version lacked the "oomph" that MJ's had. Scott was right though - that's one totally inspiring song.

My faves for the night - Danny and Kris. Sorry, I'm driven by looks this season ('cause there isn't really that much talent to rave about, unlike with my uber favorite Season 5).

Folks I thought were ok but I guess that's just me - Michael (I like that he's an oil rigger who sounds like a boy-band-guy).

Folks I didn't like but I guess that's just me - Matt (not into his kind of thing), Adam (so do not like his glam rock persona...I mean, only Axl Rose and his crew would score points for that in my book).

Folks I hoped would step up but didn't - Anoop and Megan. Boo. Good luck with your next moves, because you kinda blew this one.

I wonder what the big announcement for tomorrow is...I'm guessing it's a change in the rules regarding who stays and who goes...Hmmm...

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