Thursday, April 09, 2009

Staley (Aug 22, 1967 - Apr 5, 2002)

Commemorating Layne Staley's 7th death anniversary. Didn't realize he died on (supposedly) the same date as Cobain.

Anyway, stumbled upon this on YouTube:

Layne makes a mistake in Sludge Factory's lyrics, prompting them to do a retake. This unplugged album is AWESOME.

Layne Staley's vocals is one of rock's best. I wonder if AIC's new vocalist could fill in his big shoes.

- - - - -

David Cook and the Kyle Peek Band cover Man in a Box! :O

I'm not a Cookie fan (yet), but I was rooting for him vs. Archuleta because of his mad classic rock vocals. And him covering AiC (damn well!) is awesome.

Got me thinking whether I'll consider watching the David+David gig on May 16...

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