Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI8: And then there were three

Stuck here downstairs in front of the TV until AI and CSI are over :D

Nakakalungkot manood mag-isa, hehe. Namiss ko mga FB peeps who dislike Adam as much as I do :P

Danny's first song: Didn't know it, didn't like it. True, his dancing was horrible. Vocals, di ko rin masyado feel.

Kris's "Apologize": I'm not fond of the song, but I think Kris did a good job. But I'm not too overwhelmed by it.

Adam's "One": Haaay. "One" is a sacred song for me; the only version of it I like is the original (I hate the one they did with Mary J. Blige). Props to Adam for having the balls to toss around that song so much, but I didn't like it. Ok na sana yung simula, until he started using his high register, which I very much dislike.

Danny's "You Are So Beautiful": Liked it, but was not blown away like the judges were.

Kris's "Heartless": Di ko alam yung kanta, but I think it sounded good. And yes, he was brave indeed to go solo with his guitar.

Adam's "Crying": Andaming sigaw :( "Crying" is one of my most favorite songs from the 90's; I was hoping I'd like Adam because he sang that song. But, nah. Ambaduy pa nung last "crying" lyric niya, it didn't fit with the ending of the song.

This top 3 was quite underwhelming for me. Walang WOAH moments.

I have a feeling it's gonna be a Kris-Adam finale. But it's gonna be so lopsided, unlike last year where it was quite hard to pinpoint which David would be taking the title.

Aaah...gusto ko tumambay sa labas ng MOA grounds sa Sabado :D

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