Thursday, May 14, 2009

AI8: What are the chances that Kris Allen will be the next American Idol?

Close to zero.

He'll only snag the title if:
- Adam really really really (to infinity) messes up his finale performances, so much so that even his own fans won't vote for him (asa pa diba)
- all of Adam's phone and text lines jam up such that no votes at all can come through, but then of course that would be an invalid win for Kris
- a good (big!) portion of Danny's fans will pledge their support for Kris instead of Adam (this is the most likely possibility among the three, though I doubt if it's gonna work)

I think the last time the Finale was as skewed as this was when Diana de Garmo went up against Fantasia. The difference is, I liked Fantasia over Diana back then.

Now I think I know how Taylor-haters felt when Taylor snagged the title in Season 5. The difference is that it's actually still debatable if Taylor's talent does trump Katherine McPhee's (my opinion is that it's irrelevant to compare them; they're from different genres). For this season, Adam's talent is way out of league, that anyone who goes up against him is at such a disadvantage.

So why will there still be a finale next week? All for entertainment purposes and making money. Adam had the title in the bag as soon as the judges started pimping him at the start of the season. And I've had all season to try to like him, but unfortunately, he's just not my cup of tea.


if Kris Allen wins, I will be sooo totally happy, not because Adam lost, but because I actually like and appreciate Kris.

He first caught my attention when he did MJ's "Man in the Mirror". Prior to that he hardly had any exposure, and throughout the season he wasn't really considered one of the TCOs (the chosen ones), so he really is the darkhorse in this competition, which makes his inclusion in the finale such a sweet one :)

As for the homecomings shown tonight, Danny's was nice because he got to spend time with his best bud Jamar. Up until now, I CANNOT COMPREHEND why Jamar didn't make it to the semifinals :(

Kris's dad was sooo adorable, wearing his heart out on his sleeve.

Adam's kid fans were so cute. It was particularly funny when some guy asked who does Adam's hair :P

Lastly, Danny's swan song was wonderful. His performance tonight was even better than yesterday's, and maybe even better than Taylor Hicks's from Season 5.

If Danny puts out an album, I'm not sure I'm gonna buy it, because gospel is just not my genre. But if Ayala Malls brings him here, I'll do everything in my power to get meet and greets :D

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