Wednesday, May 06, 2009

AI8: I hate the Top 4

Been away for two weeks, and the first thing I blog about is American Idol :P

Got to watch the Top 5 performances last week while we were having field biology in Bolinao. And I got to watch the Top 4 today, in the comfort of my own warm, cozy, bug-free home.

All I can say is that I hate it when Top 4 week comes around, because it's that part of the contest when I don't want any of them to go anymore.

This season really confuses me. The judges say conflicting things. The contestants keep picking songs that aren't good for them. The ones I like are mostly the ones other people don't, and vice versa. And I still can't get myself to appreciate Glambert.

And of course, still nothing tops my beloved Season 5. I'm never ever satisfied with any other AI season, and I always end up comparing contestants to Chris Daughtry, who was an awesome performer, or Elliott Yamin, who is the AI contestant with the most heart and soul. Until I see anyone who is in the same league as they are, I'll never ever be satisfied with AI.

This season's Top 4 especially made me miss Chris Daughtry so much. The first and last time I heard Renegade by Styx was when Chris sang it so awesomely in Season 5. But it was a treat for me to see Kris and Danny perform together. Hated Simon though for putting Kris on the spot and saying outright that Danny was better than him. How the hell do you react to a comment like that? I'd be quite embarrassed by it.

Speaking of Daughtry, I'm excited to see him back in AI tomorrow! I hope I'll be home for the 8pm show...or awake for the 11pm replay :D

As for tonight's performances...loved Adam's song choice, hated the performance. Loved Allison's song AND performance. Boo the judges for wanting yet another rendition of Piece of my Heart. That's like sooo gasgas you know?! Hehe. I actually liked Kris's Come Together, 'cause he changed it up a bit. And Danny took the Kiss of Death with Aerosmith's Dream On. Hello Danny, what made you think you could take on Steven Tyler's ball-crunching DREAM ON screams? I love you and all, but it was a totally bad song choice.

Oh, by the way, Slash on AI?! A bit laughable, but the fangirl in me was excited to watch him. Hehehe.

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