Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Ten random FB2009 things

1. Like last year, it takes a bit of getting used to NOT waking up to a room/house/compound full of people.

2. I looove my bug-free house! Damn the ants of the forest - anlupit nila! My bug bites still itch from time to time (like, now, or in the middle of the friggin' night), it's annoying!

3. Ang mga walang kamatayang catch phrase ng mga FB batch! This year, it was: A-log, ang mahiwagang hiwa (damn that song to hell!), what the f?!, at kung anu-ano pa...

4. Pusoy dos :D Though this batch was totally NOT as card crazy as FB2008...di mabubuo yung pinlano namin last year na Pisay Dos club hehehe...But we did have a few converts (read: adik sa pusoy nang matutunan - Papa Esge, Papa Chu, and A-log, na matutulog nalang ay aabot pa ng cards :D)

5. 90's rock! I had a blast 'jamming' with Ren and Gorio - mga ka-wavelength ko sa tugtugan! These kids, who were toddlers during the 90's, love that period of music as much as I do! And they dig the classics too! Astig :)

6. Transient houses rule! Ours at Alaminos offered free use of videoke (where Alvin the Videoke King was born), while the one in Bolinao offered free trips to the sari-sari store for Coke, trips to the panaderya for Spanish bread, and trips to the church for those who like to start their day on a holy note :)

7. FB playlist: Andrea already posted Bahay Kubo, Ang Mahiwang Hiwa, and something else. Let me add Jai Ho to the list. Isip pa ko...

8. A-log! Bilib kaming teachers sa natural high mo, kid! :))

9. Transpo galore! We had all means of transpo at our disposal - vans nina Tutti, Mia, Joker; the Pisay bus (which, thankfully, did not break down while WE were the passengers); motor boats; tricycles; delivery truck (yun yung panalo!) :D

10. Sinong di mababaliw sa ulaaaaaaaaaaan? :) Kung kailan kami nasa beach, saka uulan. Kung kailan kami nasa bahay, saka sisikat ang araw *rolls eyes*

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