Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fave Artist: Lisa Loeb


I've loved her since she sang "Stay" in 1994. Totally blown over when she sang "Do You Sleep" in 1995. I clearly remember being all anxious about getting her "Tails" cassette as soon as I heard "Do You Sleep?" enter NU107's Midnight Countdown. (Haha, how 90s can you get?! :P)

I actually don't know much of her outside of her albums (I heard she was on some reality show), and I'm not really sure I was able to follow her beyond her "The Way It Really Is" album. But I still consider myself a huge fan.

It was a very big disappointment when her Hard Rock gig here in Manila didn't push through back in the late 90s. I still don't know why that didn't happen.

Lisa is on my list of artists-to-see-live-before-I-die, along with Counting Crows.

I like that her voice is so nice and girly, and yet still not too high for me to reach :D Whenever I play guitar, "Stay" and "Do You Sleep?" are part of my staples. I just hate how I can't play and sing at the same time so I fumble a lot with the phrasings and pluckings of "Do You Sleep?" :)) But I totally love playing them.

Here are some awesome live performances by Lisa on YouTube:

"Stay" (March 2006), with a nice commentary at the start. She talks of how "Stay" jumpstarted her mainstream success, with the help of her friend Ethan Hawke, who by the way directed a one-take and no-edits music video for this song (couldn't find any other upload so this'll do). Btw, I didn't know Ben Stiller directed "Reality Bites", hehe. I haven't watched that film yet - so much for being a 90s kid, huh.

"Do You Sleep?" (March 2004). I like the electric guitar riff during the intro/outro; it's not in the original recording. One of my favorite songs of all time.

More Lisa Loeb videos from lisaloebshrine on YouTube.

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