Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fave Album: "Primordial Soup" (1996) by Violent Playground

I discovered a gem at the record bar in Landmark, TriNoma last Wednesday: a CD of Violent Playground's debut album, "Primordial Soup"!

I literally squealed when I spotted this on the racks; it must've looked pretty awkward because I was all by my lonesome then :D

I have the cassette of this from way back 10+ years ago. The inlay doesn't indicate the date of release though so I'm not really sure if the year was actually 1995. I checked online and they have this on, but the release date (of the CD, I presume) is 2008; and the inlay for the CD says it's copyrighted 2007. Anyway...
EDIT: Ok, MSN Music says the CD was released 1996.

I totally love this album. I was in ecstasy when the band reunited (after 6 years apart) for one night only at Rock Radio Cafe in Alabang in 2003 (one of my first few Admit One gigs).

Other pics from that Admit One gig.

Fave tracks include "Moist", "Starvation Army", and "Never the Bright Lights".

Here they are performing "Starvation Army" and "Never the Bright Lights" at the 1996 NU107 Rock Awards:

I kinda remember having a slight crush on RJ (their vocalist) back in high school, hehe.

A CD of their sophomore album would be a great find, too. Though I believe I didn't even lay eyes on the cassette version of that...

Related VP link:

My CD and cassette versions of "Primordial Soup". The cassette inlay is more interesting, with the comic strip surrounding the lyrics, and pics of and thank yous from the band. The CD inlay only has the album cover and the tracklist. I believe the original album art is by Dino Ignacio, the same guy responsible for the animated "Maritess vs the Superfriends" skit of Fil-Am comedian Rex Navarette :)

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