Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye Ken :(

My iPod Ken, short for BROKEN, is now just more than broken. It's retired.

I was charging it earlier tonight and then I heard a violent pop then I saw smoke coming out of it. I rushed to it and quickly unplugged it then lay a slightly moist face towel over it (my mom always has a lot of those face towels around). I was really saddened by the sight of it; the back cover was blown off to reveal the battery which got swollen and eventually exploded. Good thing it didn't become a full blown fire (it was just a little explosion anyway).

Ken was so-named because it was the iPod Nano I inherited from my sis when she got a new one. She gave it to me since I lost Rabii, my first iPod, last Field Bio 2008. It was broken because her puppy Bubba chewed on it when they were both new (the iPod and the puppy), so the LCD was destroyed but everything else worked fine - thus the birth of an oversize iPod Shuffle, hehe. I was able to have it fixed last year so all was well and I was happy that Ken wasn't broken anymore.

Alas, it was not meant to last. Yes, ang drama, but only because I'm such an iPod addict - I've gotta have my music everywhere I go, especially when I commute.

Oh well, I guess I'm just gonna add that on my things to save up for in 2010. A good but very very sad and untimely excuse to upgrade from a 1st generation (2gb without video) to a 4th generation (minimum 8gb with video).

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