Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fave Band: Moonpools and Caterpillars

It's been a while since I thought about this band.

I had their cassette Lucky Dumpling back in high school (actually it was my sis's), but it somehow got lost. Nireresurrect ko pa naman mga cassette ko lately because of the deaths of Mike Francis, Francis M, and Michael Jackson. Just lucky that a cassette recorder that Andrew lent me a couple of years ago still works. Now I really wish Lucky Dumpling didn't get lost...I'll try looking for it again...

My favorite tracks are Soon and Hear, which were both on my iPod (yet another thing I inherited from my sis), but sadly my iPod has died on me, too.

And just tonight, I rediscovered another single that was released from that album - Ren. I never even realized that that was the title of the song, I just remember the lyrics: "Used to walk slowly, now I'm running. Catchin' up's gettin' hard to do. Tell me now, tell me now, what's got into you?"

I tried hard to find it on YouTube, but only came up with a pretty nice cover (well, at least, the best of the very few search results).

I checked out their MySpace, which is where I've been streaming albums from the 90's lately, but they didn't upload the whole album, and only one of the four tracks in their playlist works. Sad.

They're so hard to find, even on the Net.

There are a lot of Hear and Soon, though on YouTube. There is even footage of their visit here to the Philippines in the mid 90's. It's so cute how their vocalist Kimi is so hyper onstage, and how she's the only Am in the Fil-Am group (she's married to the band's guitarist, Jay Jay). Here's some more information about them that I found through Google.

If I had a band, I'd love to cover their songs. Ehem ehem, Soupagetti :D


jem said...

ok lang. but when we do it won't be PREEEEEEEETYYYYY

- d a c s - said...

LOL Jem :P

tseri said...

hey! i have a copy of their whole album. i ripped my old cassette back in college. kaya lang yung Colossal Youth ko is a bit slow kasi low-batt yung cassette that time. hahah! pero okay naman yung iba.

yes! let's cover them. colossal youth would be really fun. :D

- d a c s - said...

Che diba binalak natin tugtugin 'to nung HS? :P

My student sent me a link for the whole album download :D