Thursday, August 13, 2009

DINIG SANA KITA & Sugarfree by Mike Sandejas

From the Sugarfree Yahoo!Group:

Hello everyone,

Im a lister too. This is a long one. Bear with me.

I first met Ebe during Rockestra 2 soon after he saw my first film Tulad ng Dati in cinemalaya. He went up to me and told me that TND was the best Filipino film he had ever seen (at that time)and told me he was a fan. I was speechless because I was HIS fan. Ebe and I became friends soon after. I took my family to see the band every so often. My wife and I were always at the Bistro 70's gigs. He was also a firm believer of my daughter 13 year old Zoe's capability as a
musician (at that time.) Zoe held on to that belief and continued to dabble in music. Ebe always gave her advice and encouragement.

Karin asked me why I chose Wag Ka Nang Umiyak.

I remember when I was in the early stages of writing the film, I texted Ebe to ask him for a song. I said I needed a sad love song. He reminded me of WKNU. I started listening to it everyday during the reconceptualization stage of the film (the story's first incarnation didnt work so well)

WKNU set the mood and emotion for me. I ended up writing a story of two people who are completely polar opposites, both looking for something to believe and finding that belief in each other. DINIG SANA KITA is like a Sugarfee song made visual.

The day that I formally asked for the song, I went to visit the band and Karin in Bistro 70's. As I watched I sent a song request note like the rest of the audience and I signed it with my name. Ebe got the note and immediately they played the song for me. That performance was magical to me because the band played it so emotionally, that scene burned itself into my mind - and that was exactly how I shot it for the film.

Id like to thank SUGARFREE again for allowing me to use the song. .

I texted Ebe and told him my film was about ironies. How a Deaf person wanted to dance, how a musician and a Deaf person fell in love, how one yearns to be heard and the one who understands her is one who cannot hear.

WKNU is an irony as well. The songs asks you not to cry anymore yet you end up weeping buckets. Love tempered by pain makes it stronger. Sugarfree knows this so well. Even the Deaf now know about Sugarfree.

I think people know about how pained I was recently to have lost my relationship with The Dawn. They are still my friends but I can no longer really listen to their music. Sugarfree provided me with music that I could hold on to during that time. Kahit sa jogging ko, Sugarfree pinapakinggan ko but I try not to listen to WKNU kasi baka magtaka mga tao bakit umiiyak ako habang nagjojogging. I am going to the music store today to buy the new CD.

To add to the Sugarfree Month. DINIG SANA KITA will be shown from Aug 26 - Sept 1 at Robinsons Galleria IndieSine theater. The main actors are Romalito Mallari, The first Filipino Deaf actor in a Main Actor role in a feature film and...

...Ebe's alaga - my daughter Zoe Sandejas playing a troubled rocker girl.

Now you all see how involved directly and indirectly Ebe and Sugarfee have been in my life and recent work.

Zoe will be playing at Route 196 on Sept 1 10pm. She asked Ebe permission to sing WKNU. Ebe agreed. Thank you again Ebe.

Mabuhay ang SUGARFREE!!!


Mike Sandejas

- - - - -

Mike Sandejas is the director of the indie film "Tulad ng Dati", which starred The Dawn and was awarded Best Film during Cinemalaya 2006. "Dinig Sana Kita" is Sandejas' entry to Cinemalaya 2009. The film was awarded Best Original Music Score for the work of Francis Brew Reyes.

"Dinig Sana Kita" will be shown at the Robinson’s Galleria “IndieSine” theater from August 26 to September 1.

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