Sunday, September 13, 2009

Flash mobs are so cool - feat. flash mobs for Oprah and MJ, and by Improv Everywhere

Andrew sent me a YouTube link of 21,000 fans at the kickoff episode in Chicago of Oprah's 24th season. The Black Eyed Peas were performing...and the crowd stunned the world. It was sooo cool. Naluha ako sa huli sa sobrang mangha :P

I first looked up the definition of a flash mob when I saw the Stockholm dance tribute for Michael Jackson last July. Though it wasn't as massive as that at Oprah's, it was still awesome to watch.

But I think the first flash mob that I was made aware of was Frozen Grand Central. This was way cute, too :)

You might also wanna check out the rest of ImprovEverywhere's flash mobs, like No Pants Subway and Surprise Wedding Reception.

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