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My pride and joy - Sugarfree Opening Video in Dekada Concert

Thank you to josephpchan for posting this :)

This is my pride and joy!

A couple of days before Sugarfree had its Dekada concert at the Music Museum to celebrate their tenth anniversary, their manager Karin posted on the Yahoo!Group that she needed pics of the band through the years.

I really got excited because I had a wealth of Sugarfree pics to share! So share I did. And it was so cool that a lot of them made it to the AVP they played at the start of the show :)

What made me happy, in particular, was that they included the shot of Sugarfree onstage at the Pisay gym. If you were Pisay, you'd recognize the DNA-like design on the flaps that lead to the backstage portion. I really wanted that shot to be picked because having Sugarfree play at Pisay is one of the highlights of my stint as SAMAPI adviser :)

At dahil OC ako at proud, here's the list of pics of mine that you'd see in the presentation below (with some kwento added):

1:03 - Accepting their Best New Artist award at the 2003 NU107 Rock Awards; I was so proud of them!

1:07 - Performing at the 2003 NU107 Rock Awards; at one point in the performance, Ebe took out his digicam and photographed the audience so he could show his mom daw :)

1:11 - PISAY! :)

1:14 - Performing at the very first Admit One gig in the south, at the awesome but now defunct Rock Radio Cafe (I ♥ you, RRC!). This was a life-changing night for me - dito ko sinimulang mahalin ulit ang tugtugang lokal. This was also the first gig covered by my first digicam, a humble Canon Powershot A70.

1:33 to 1:40 - Performing at an acoustic Admit One gig at Conspiracy. This one was a celebration of Ebe's mom's birthday. Ebe started to describe their lineup as 1/2 Sugarfreee, 1/2...and then he trails off...then someone from the audience finishes it up with "Eraserheads!" :P Because, indeed, onstage were Ebe, Jal, Buddy, and Raimund. Ebe didn't really plan to finish the sentence, I guess, because this was still the time when the Heads hadn't settled their differences yet ;)

2:05 to 2:15 - Signing autographs after a performance at SM North. This was the debut of my 2nd digicam, another Canon Powershot (A95 I think...haha nakalimutan ko na).

2:19 to 2:33 - Performing at the Alabang Town Center. Shot 2:22 is my favorite Jal pic.

2:35 to 2:49 - Another Admit One gig, this time at saGuijo, when the band setup was still in its original spot close to the bar. This was one helluva party; I can still remember it clearly as if it happened last night. I love that they included my shot of Mitch (2:43), as well as a shot of Ebe with Wolfmann in the background (2:39) :)

3:11 to 3:18 - In-store performance and autograph signing at the now non-existent Tower Records in Alabang Town Center. I think this was my first time to watch Kaka.

After sending all those pics to Karin, I realized that I hadn't photographed Sugarfree since 2006, though I did get to watch maybe 2 or 3 gigs since then.

Nagkabunga din ang pagiging rocker stalker ko, hehehe. Naging bahagi ako ng isang napakagandang gig ng isa sa pinakamamahal kong banda sa mundo ngayon :) (Nevermind that it was just a small part, but it was still there, for everyone to see!)

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