Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peryodiko Album Recording FINALLY! - a behind-the-scenes blog by Robin Rivera

I know ZILCH about the technical aspect of music. I'm just a music fan who likes listening to the stories musicians tell so well. But tonight, as I went through all the entries of Robin Rivera's blog about his work as producer of Peryodiko's debut album, it made me appreciate all the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making an album (as well as refreshed my memory of why music piracy SUCKS!).

If I remember correctly, I was aiming for a Robin Rivera Hum class back in my UP days, all for the simple reason that he produced the Eheads :P But now, more than just knowing him as the one who gave us the Heads, I have a more profound respect for the man.

Like the musicians he coaches, Sir Robin (sige, makiki-"sir" ako, hehe) is a wonderful storyteller. He isn't shy about the thoughts that roam inside his head, and he lets them out so eloquently. Reading about what he believed and hoped about the local music industry made me want to clone him and put more Robin Riveras in studios and record label offices. Also, reading about how he shaped Peryodiko - the album and the band - made me respect and appreciate the band and their music so much more than I already did.

This blog is a must read. In Mel Gibson's words in "The Patriot", "I've just been through the mind of a genius."

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"Vin said it is a very easy album to listen to, and I agree. It never hits you over the head with a sledgehammer to get attention. Its like the ocean which ebbs and flows with some kind of rhythm, each wave having a unique way of advancing and receding. It unfolds with the logic of a mathematical equation, the creativity of a chord progression, and the organic timelessness as ocean waves."
- Robin Rivera, Producer

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