Friday, October 16, 2009

WWF's "Don't Wait Until It's Gone"

I like that they used Counting Crows' version of "Big Yellow Taxi". Would've been better if they used the version without Vanessa Carlton :P

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Don’t Wait Until It’s Gone

We have reached a moment in the history of Earth where the actions we take will determine whether or not our children will live in a world with magnificent animals such as the polar bear, swim in an ocean filled with iridescent corals and marine life, or stroll through a dense forest.

While issues such as climate change, scarcity of freshwater, overfishing, and deforestation are covered in the news, many people don’t understand how it can affect their lives. In response, WWF has launched a new Public Service Announcement campaign to make these connections and show what is at risk if we wait to, or worse do not, take action.

At WWF, we’re working harder than ever before to save threatened and endangered species and the habitats that sustain them. Learn more about our work to protect the future of nature.

Read more and watch the video here.

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