Saturday, November 28, 2009

Efren Penaflorida: CNN Hero of 2009

Watching the special right now on CNN, an all-star tribute to the top ten CNN Heroes of 2009.

It's very touching to hear these inspiring stories of everyday people having an extraordinary impact on the world around them.

I admit that I didn't participate in the online voting for Efren (sorry about that :( ), but I really am proud of what he has achieved. The AVP shown before his initial speech was very touching. A lot of us city kids take for granted our right and privilege to go to school. Heck, a lot of school kids actually hate the place and all it stands for. Which is a sad reality, really, because a lot of our brothers and sisters in other parts of the country do not have this golden opportunity to better themselves and their future.

Thank God for good souls like Efren. We really should be proud of him, of his faith in these kids, and of his motivation to build better Filipino futures.

Mabuhay si Efren Penaflorida! Mabuhay ang pusong Pinoy :)

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