Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sucker for Sap: "Don't Cry Joni", "Honey", "Mr. Lonely"

These are some of the songs I remember hearing as a child, when Amma (my grandma) would listen to the radio.

They're sappy as hell, but I love them :P

Suddenly remembered them today because I heard "Don't Cry Joni" on the radio playing outside hehe.

"Don't Cry Joni" by Conway Twitty & Joni Twitty (1975)

Saw a pretty interesting sequel to this song, check it out.

"Honey" by Bobby Goldsboro (1968)

"Mr. Lonely" by Bobby Vinton (1964)

This song kinda became popular again in the early 90's when Bush Sr. launched the Gulf War. As I searched for it on YouTube today, just found out that Akon sampled it in one of his recent songs (haven't heard that yet though; not interested either.)

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