Saturday, January 16, 2010

Isa na akong ganap na QC girl...

I've been living in and out of Quezon City for half of my life. Now, I finally call it home.

My days as a student and now as a teacher have mostly been spent in Quezon City. Pisay freshman in 1994; dormer from 1994-1996. UP freshman in 1998; Katipunan dormer from 2001-2003. Pisay teacher since 2004. So basically, I spend most of my waking hours during weekdays in QC, then go home to the south (first it was Pasay, then Paranaque) at the end of the day (or week).

But last January 4, 2010, a day after I married my QC boy of 11 years, I officially called QC "HOME".

Andrew and I are now settling into our home in Kamuning. Things are topsy-turvy because of all the construction and cleaning up going on, but it's still HOME.

For the longest time during my engagement to Andrew, I was so excited about the prospect of finally living in QC because a lot of the things that matter to me are here - my friends, my work, the gigs that I love to go to. Even my girl friends were excited for me because I could finally go out with them for late night drinks without having to worry that Andrew would still bring me home to faraway Paranaque.

But, of course, I miss the South. I've lived in Pasay and Paranaque since I was 5 years old; prior to that I was a little Baguio girl. Since 2000, BF Homes Paranaque has been my home. No matter how far it is from my friends and my work, BF was a sanctuary for me. Things are just starting to develop over there, so a lot of the sights and sounds are fresh. It's not as populated as QC, so it's relatively peaceful and homey. And the home that my parents built is definitely a place that I will miss going home to.

No worries, though, because Saturdays are usually family day, so I'll still get to see my sibs and parents, our longtime helper Annie, our cute Pomeranian Bubba, my messy blue room with the assorted CDs, posters, books, papers, and clothes lying around, and my Michael Jackson shirt hanging behind the door...(actually by now medyo inayos na yun ng nanay ko hahaha).

I'll definitely miss my home in the South, but QC is where I belong now :)

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