Friday, March 12, 2010

Di masyadong perpektong tatsulok :D

I'd like to thank Sir Martin, Joker, and AKSIS for inviting us (me, Sir Gerson, and Sir Guce) to be judges as well as performers at Sigaw 2. We had fun.

Nerves got to me, as usual, but I enjoyed our gig :D

First, we did dongabay's "Perpekto", from their album "Flipino" - a definite OPM gem.

PERPEKTO (lyrics)

Then, we did Buklod's "Tatsulok". Actually the song came into my consciousness via Bamboo; I believe it was a good cover - updated, for the youth. I prefer Buklod's version, though. This video here is just Noel Cabangon (1/2 of Buklod), performing the song in Europe.

TATSULOK (lyrics)

If any of the kids got a video of our performance, give me a heads up please :)

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