Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Memories of NU107


Just some random NU memories of mine...

Listening to the New Music Challenge on the way to school. I still remember it was there that I first heard and loved Marcy Playground's "Sex and Candy". There she was, like disco superfly.

Listening to the Gang Bang on Friday(?) mornings with my friend, Sam. I think we had a first period break that was why we could catch the show even if it was a school day. It was during these times that we set our dreams of being at least part of the station's cleaning crew, just so we could hang out/see the cool rock stars there. Turns out our other friend, Christi, would have a short stint as an NU jock. Taob ang cleaning crew dreams namin :))

I miss the Z-Rock 50, Zach and Joey in the Morning, Mr. SLaH (Sex, Love, and Happiness) - who I believe eventually became a DJ too, for a while)...

My first NU Rock Awards was in '98. I tagged along with my sis-in-law and her friends. It was still by-invite-only, and it was held at the Limits Disco in Ortigas. I was sooooo starstruck by all the rockers. Being inches away from Joey Pepe Smith was surreal. But my moment that night was seeing Basti Artadi for the first time - I still remember how I was rendered speechless and motionless by the sight :P When he won Vocalist of the Year, I think I was able to touch his hand as he made his way through the crowd with a high-five. I also loved Zach's Mulan get-up, and his hosting stint with Joey was the best.

I also clearly remember Rock Awards X. I was so happy and proud to see Sugarfree bag the Best New Artist award, and to watch Urbandub, Cynthia Alexander, The Mongols, and Razorback take the stage.

I miss the commercials back when Zach was still there. I love Christmas time when they play Cheech and Chong.

It was on NU that I first heard Hanson's "Mmm Bop" :)) And Kid Rock and Eminem, too.

I listened religiously to the year-end countdown. Amidst the festivities at home, my ear was plugged into the countdown, as I diligently wrote down each song at each rank. Anti-social, it made me :P

And the best part was Remote Control Weekend. That's the only reason I'd listen to NU now. Somehow, I've lost my love for the station. I hardly have the patience to listen to new songs. But I'd always have Remote Control Weekend on.

Growing up in the 90's was awesome. It was made all the more sweet having the Eraserheads, Wolfgang, and all that 90's rock n roll on NU107.

Too bad it has to go away soon.

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