Friday, November 05, 2010

This was how I came to know of NU107 and rock music

I was in 7th grade, waiting in my school bus after dismissal time. One of the oldest students in the bus was a high school girl (junior or senior), so she always sat in the passenger's seat as well as had control of the bus radio.

I noticed she liked to listen to the station 107.5, which played noisy music. After this initial exposure to NU, I realized I liked this noisy music. I believe one of the first (if not THE first) songs I heard on NU was Dig's "Believe", a song which I still love to pieces up to this day.

I think my love for rock n' roll was born of my desire to impress my grade school crush, who was into this noisy music. At that time, all I listened to was 96.3 Lite Rock :D So I asked my seatmate then what radio station he listens to. I think he mentioned 97.1 LS, so I tried listening to that. And since I was being adventurous, I decided to check out that 107.5 station I heard in the school bus.

As I entered high school, I left behind my grade school crush, but my love for rock n' roll was here to stay. NU107 was my life. It was there that I learned more about rock; it was there that I got to know all the great alternative acts of the 90's (with a lot of help from MTV, too, which I discovered around the same time I discovered NU - by the way, MTV, for me, has died a long time ago). It was just so awesome that the rise of the Eheads, Wolfgang, Yano, Datu's Tribe, Color It Red, Teeth, and all those great acts from the 90's coincided with my high school years - arguably the most memorable years in a person's life. To have these bands' songs as the soundtrack to my teenage years was the best thing ever. And to have NU107 feed me this rock n' roll, especially from the local scene, was just sweet.

Now, it's just BITTERSWEET that NU, like all good things, has to end.

I've outgrown NU for quite a while now. I've lost the patience to listen to new songs; I'm not as receptive as I was back in high school. But I still tune in during Remote Control Weekends when they play the songs I love from the 90's. So when I initially heard of NU's demise, I was saddened, but not heartbroken. But listening to NU now that it's on it's last week and all the shows are saying goodbye one by one and they play the radio ads from my high school days, it's just too much to bear. Every 90's song they play lifts my spirit and breaks my heart at the same time. Even though I've been over NU for years now, it still feels as if a part of me is dying.

If NU107 has touched your life the way it has touched mine, be there on November 7 for 107 Candles for NU107 (see the Facebook event page). One last hurrah for the station that rocked the nation.

P.S. To that high school girl who unknowingly introduced me to the Home of NU Rock, thank you. You actually changed my life :)

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