Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Life After NU


The vigil to NU's final sign-off was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Never have I heard of a radio station closing to the sound of its fans, listeners, friends cheering it on as if their cheers could bring it back to life. When the final notes of Lupang Hinirang were done, people just stood around, as if waiting for an encore.

Right now, there's a pretty big void in all of us that cannot - maybe might not ever - be filled :( A big NOW WHAT hovers above us, as a lot of us even tuned in to the 107.5 frequency just to hear the static after that midnight sign off.

NOW WHAT. Sino na magtutugtog ng mga kantang sa NU mo lang talaga maririnig? Sino na ang magbibigay ng pagkakataon sa mga independent at up-and-coming rock artists na marinig ang kanta nila sa radyo? Kanya-kanyang kayod na tayo sa pag-alam ng mga bagong kanta sa mundo ng rock n' roll.

Sure, some radio stations have shows that feature rock, as well as fresh OPM rock artists. But no other station before NU featured rock 24/7. Some folks are putting their hopes on UR 105.9...I guess we'll just have to see from here.

But losing NU is not just about losing the music. It's also as if we've lost some friends - the DJs who we pester for our requests, or to whom we just listen to having their interesting conversations on air. I'll admit I hardly know half the current DJs of NU, but I was totally in love with the DJs of the 90's. Though I've long said goodbye to them, it's still sad to know that you'll NEVER EVER hear them again playing your favorite rock n' roll songs.

Like I said in previous posts, matagal na akong hindi nakikinig sa NU, excpet for Remote Control Weekend. So maybe some would say, what's the difference between that and just picking the songs you listen to on your music player? Iba pa rin kasi yung alam mong hindi lang ikaw yung gustong makarinig nung kantang iyon. Kaya kapag Remote Control Weekend, it's all the more special when a favorite song of mine gets played, and it wasn't me who requested it.

So yeah, I will definitely miss the Home of NU Rock. The frequency's back on, by the way. This evening, I caught it playing some 80's hits, which I found were ok to listen to. But then Jose Mari Chan's "Perfect Christmas" came on, and I groaned and I groaned and I groaned. And then I felt sad.

- - - - -

It was a minute before midnight when the first chords of "Ang Huling El Bimbo" sounded off from NU. Standing outside the station in an Eheads t-shirt, I froze in place, hearing a song from a band that I love that isn't around anymore - just like the radio station I love that isn't around anymore. And it made me happy and proud that the jocks chose a very fitting Eheads song for their goodbye. I really felt like crying, but I held back the tears and chose to be happy instead that I was there to share the moment with all the people who loved NU107.

To NU107, I will be eternally grateful for your being a part of my teenage years. Thank you for the great music, and for keeping me company during the most memorable years of my life. To the DJs and staff of the Station That Rocked the Nation, thank you so much for giving us the music we loved. And to the listeners of NU, may we never lose our love for rock n' roll \m/


P.S. Para medyo kwela naman yung ending...

Like I said, after the sign-off, people hovered about the station still. Right outside the station windows, people were standing to have a look at the slowly emptying station one last time. Sabi ng kasama kong si Jerome, kulang na lang punasan nila yung glass ng mga panyo nila, para bang santo :P And others were also saying na parang may lamay, as in viewing ng patay, kasi people were trickling into the station itself to stalk whichever DJs they wanted to see, or to take pictures of the booth while the NU staff were fixing up the stuff there.

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