Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pinoy Rock + The Manila Symphony Orchestra = ROCKESTRA!

When Two Musical Worlds Collide
by Kristine Lim

Rockestra on August 19

When an immovable object like classical music meets an irresistible force like indie rock the results are nothing short of explosive.

ROCKESTRA brings together six of the Manila’s finest rock bands and the prestigious Manila Symphony Orchestra.

Forget what you think you know about classical music. ROCKESTRA will coax it out of its dusty old box, polish it shiny and new and make it ready for the future, with a little help fromour local rock scene.

Imago, Cambio, Sandwich, Silent Sanctuary, Sugarfree, and Twisted Halo will share the stage with the MSO in a mind-blowing collaboration that will happen on August 19, Friday at the Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas (formerly Folk Arts Theater) at 7:30 p.m.

The Manila Symphony Orchestra has a long and impressive history as being the oldest symphony in the Philippines. Despite its age, the MSO has the youngest and most vibrant group of musicians in the country. Not only are they exceptionally trained musicians; they also have many influences outside of the classical genre. With Professor Toti Molina waving his baton and leading them on, their passion for music is always evident in their performances.

Imago is a coed band with a handful of impressive awards under their belt, including the Awit and NU Rock Awards. Their highly awaited second album, “Take 2”, will be released on an independent label.

Cambio rose from the ashes of one of the Philippines’ best-loved rock acts. But to dismiss them as less than their predecessor would be a horrible mistake. Equal parts pop-rock and witty cultural references, Cambio resists comparisons.

Sandwich combines the best of B-boy rap and lo-fi rock. Their unique stylings and electric live performances sets them apart from the pack. They released their long awaited third album,“Thanks to the Moon’s Gravitational Pull” early this year.

Silent Sanctuary are the perfect fit for ROCKESTRA. Already possessing their own string section, they create a sound that combines their many influences Bob Marley, Dave Matthews Band, Mozart and Yo-yo Ma among others) into something completely unique.

If you’ve ever experienced heartache then you’ll know what Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree has gone through. Taken to heart by youths everywhere, Sugarfree’s odes to true love are as true as what’s in your diary as they are perfect examples of pop songs.

You could describe Twisted Halo’s music as art-rock. Or avant-funk. Or maybe even a little 80’s. You would be right and you’d also be really wrong. Twisted Halo defies definition by making music they way they want it. A hardworking band by nature they can be seen playing clubs and schools all over the city.

At ROCKESTRA, the bands will rip through their sets with the usual enthusiastic abandon, only this time they’ll have the awesome firepower of a complete orchestra behind them. Imagine songs like “Mariposa”, “Divisoria” and “Two Trick Pony” played like you’ve never heard them before.

And while you’re imagining that: Imagine buying yourself a ticket to ROCKESTRA, telling all your friends about it, showing up at Folk Arts Theater and having the best night you will ever have in your entire life. Now quit imagining and go buy the ticket. Leave your top hat and tails at home. The dress code is strictly smartly caustic.

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Tickets priced at Php 975/ 630/ 350/ 175/ 75. Tickets are available at the CCP Ticket Booth, major National Bookstore branches, Robinson’s Department Store (Malate, Galleria, Cavite & Pampanga), Tower Records (Makati and Alabang), Music Museum (Virra Mall, Greenhills), Ayala Center Inc. Greenbelt 1 Ticket Booth Cinema Lobby, Glorietta 1 Ticket Booth Cinema Lobby and on the TicketWorld website found at Call 891.9999 for inquiries and reservations. You may also call 879.4589 or e-mail us at

ROCKESTRA is being produced by The Thirdline, Inc. For more information you can call 426-0103, 426-5301, 0918-9379209,


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