Friday, July 29, 2005

Updates in haste


1. Quite a number of deaths of people related to Pisay admin/faculty/staff :(

2. Neal axed from Rockstar INXS too soon (they just booted Daphna and Heather - yes, both of em - kanina)
3. Barbie leaving the Cradle (old news na though)
4. Jerome leaving the Mongols (who are now known as Pupil)
5. Tonyo leaving Wolfmann+ (yeesh, ni hindi ko pa sila napanood eh!)
Monmon leaving Twisted Halo! :(

My 5/6-yr-old(???) black Giordano wallet, packed with:
- highschool grad pics of my friends
- pic of my Lola when she was 30/40sumthin
- pic of my Asti when she was about a year old
- picks (as in guitar picks hehe)
- Sam's wonderful creative semi-nude shot and her proof of the pipe of UP (Sam: 'Oh my god, someone now has a nekked pic of me')
- sangkatutak na Drew-and-Dacs pics
- DJ's dollar na binigay niya the first time he came back sa Pinas
- Teddy's baptismal card (my 2nd inaanak; proud Ninang)
- my MBBS card (the impossible is not!)
- little card given by Faye back in '95, containing all the codenames of my crushes (ALL, hehe)
- a Marcos time P5 coin (the BIG one)
- my Starbucks stamp card (argh pinaghirapan ko stamps dun!!!)
- and of course driver's license and ATM (payroll!) card (buti yun lang impt documents)
Grrr. Sob.
It was *carelessness* and not theft. Shit.


1. Faye's/Lingan's/Altea's birthdays (July 24)
2. Monmon's birthday (July 28)
3. Allantoyn's birthday (July29)
4. Ei's birthday (July30) - Ei send dollars, we'll celebrate in your honor =D
5. Adam Duritz's (
Counting Crows) birthday (August 1) - I so looove this guy.
6. 1st periodical exams (Aug2-5), pahinga muna sa lessons, although sandamakmak to check! =P

7. A pinoy guy in Rockstar INXS - MiG Ayesa rules! (2nd cousin daw siya ni Manuel Legarda of Wolfgang/DRT fame)
8. Ninna and Dre's baby boy Jacob
9. CSI's 5th season ender by Tarantino. I love George Eads. Good actor who happens to be gorgeous as well. (Though the ending kinda bombed)
10. Jun Lopito's BODHISATTVAS album. Ang gandaaa. Stuff I would've wanted to watch live.
11. Mong Alcaraz (Chicosci) joining sandwich

12. Abe Billano (formerly of Nuncyspungen) joining Twisted Halo
13. Amma's (my lola's) successful hip operation
14. Getting to spend precious time with my highschool friends. Loads of laughs. The memories. The Sam and Coco thing. The Vic things. Saya. Bon voyage Bikoy!

15. 82 months with my baby ;) (Dacs-and-Drew, since 28 Sept 1998!)

There. My life is now an enumerated thing. *Sigh*

Badly wanna gig.

Catch orig Admit One cast members FATAL POSPOROS and DICTA LICENSE
Together with the usual suspects Twisted Halo, Sugarfree, Cambio, Happymeals!
Saturday, July 30, 9:30 pm,
Saguijo Cafe+Bar Makati

Til the next blogworthy moment...

(Dacs trabaho na...)

- - - - -

take fate by the hand to guide you
before it grabs you by the heels and drags you
- jun lopito bodhisattvas (c) 1995

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jem said...

hi dacs! wasn't aware that rockstar's already being aired here, well, until i stumbled on your blog!

So thanks! I think maaadik ako sa show na to! hehe :)